Check The Small Print On Your Online Coupons

Online coupons, promo codes, and vouchers are a fantastic way to save significant sums of 030215-coupons-850x476money on a wide range of items, services, and activities. Use coupon sites wisely, and you could save on your grocery shopping every week; enjoy a big reduction next time you need to replace your microwave oven; and even find great deals on flights, hotels and other holiday services.

While most people probably think of coupons and vouchers as being applicable to everyday items, including many you would expect to find on your weekly shopping list, there is no reason to assume that you won’t be able to find a promo code online for some of life’s little luxuries. Thanks to the proliferation of websites dedicated to coupons, it has never been easier to find a money off deal for something you want or need, whether that’s new furniture, a day out with the kids or OHM tanks to help you take up vaping and quit smoking.

Online Coupons and Expiry Dates

When our mothers and grandmothers used to cut coupons from the local newspaper, or industry magazines, there would always be the odd visit to the store that ended in a red face when they accidentally tried to use a coupon that had already expired. Paper coupons all had “use before” dates — in the same way that most foodstuffs do — and the store would not accept them if you tried to cash them in after this point.

It is the same for online coupons; all of them will have an expiry date, whether you are cashing then in online by typing a promo code or printing off the voucher at home to take to the store. Accessing coupons online does make it easier to make sure that you are looking at a valid deal, however, as most coupon websites are very careful to ensure that they remove expired deals once they have run out. Similarly, entering an expired promo code in an attempt to get a reduction on an online purchase is a lot less embarrassing than handing over an expired voucher in the store.

Terms and Conditions

Most coupons and promo codes, like any special offer, will have terms and conditions imposed by the manufacturer of the product or the store itself. This is usually done to protect them against losing too much money, thanks to the great deal they are offering. For example, if you have a voucher for money off washing powder, you might find that there is a restriction on how many boxes you can buy, to stop shoppers from bulk-buying this item at its reduced price.

In addition, restaurants which offer significant reductions on your meal might impose restrictions on which days and times you can use your voucher. After all, they will have plenty of customers willing to pay full price on Friday and Saturday evenings, so they wouldn’t want tables being taken up by customers that are only paying 50% or who are getting their desserts for free.

Small Print for Restaurant Coupons

If you find good deals for local restaurants, you will usually be asked to print off your voucher and bring it into the store, as promo codes are more appropriate for online purchases which will be shipped to your home. You should check whether your voucher has any small print about how it should be used, otherwise, you could find yourself having a disappointing evening out.

Some bars and restaurants require you to phone and book your table in advance, telling the member of staff test you have a voucher. Again, this might be a precaution by the premises in question to make sure they don’t have a restaurant full of customers paying half price.

When you find a great deal online or in a newspaper or magazine, it can be easy to get carried away, planning what purchases you are going to make — and what you are going to do with the money you save. It is worth spending a few seconds checking the small print, as this will help avoid any disappointment at a later date.

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